Big-Data.AI Summit 2022

Big-Data.AI Summit 2022

14 & 15 September 2022

Big data and artificial intelligence are changing the game when it comes to gathering information and automating tasks. Integrating these technological advantages across organizations and the value chain presents major challenges for companies looking to future-proof their business models.

The concrete steps towards this goal are accompanied by a large number of questions about the databases needed, the scale of success of smart applications, and the legal and social circumstances. How do you develop a data strategy that enables AI implementation and drives success? Which technologies offer scalable solutions and business opportunities, even when compared to regulatory requirements? How can reliability be built into products and processes?

The Big-Data.AI Summit, Europe’s leading conference on the application of artificial intelligence and big data in business, will shed light on these issues from 14-15 September 2022. Benefit from the expertise of opinion leaders, decision-makers, and solution architects from various industries such as digital health, industrial internet, information security, and more. Gain actionable insights into the scale of intelligent use cases, identify future business opportunities, and find new solutions for data-driven innovations at #BAS22.

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