Building the Ultimate Business Scalable Web Apps with Microsoft Azure


As for the new-era web applications, the scalability is the best. It’s no longer enough that web applications perform well – they also have to handle every client load that arrives at any given time automatically. That said, do you want to reduce the cost of developing, managing, and maintaining web applications? Want to learn how to use Microsoft Azure to build highly scalable web applications?

In this free webinar, you will learn how your experts gain insight into how your teams can use Microsoft Azure to build scalable web applications, get a detailed explanation of what the app’s scalability is, and learn tips and tricks for building web applications with more! The webinar also includes live questions and answers with the instructor to solve your problems in real-time.


  • What is app scalability?
  • Why is app scalability important in supporting business growth?
  • How it helps in building business scalable web apps?
  • Tips & tricks on building web apps with Microsoft Azure
  • Q&A session with the speaker
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