Ensure Your IT Operating Model is Resilient Enough to Survive Uncertainty

On-Demand | 1 hour

Discussion Topics:

  • What is an information and technology (I&T) business model
  • How an I&T business model is linked to digital ambition
  • How to overcome the transformative challenges of the I&T business model

COVID-19 represents a rare opportunity for the CIO to rethink about IT Operating Model, a perfect time to rethink the Information and Technology (I&T) business model to make sure it’s resilient enough to handle uncertainty. CIOs must be courageous and accelerate the evolution of the business model from a focus on efficiency to achieve sustainable cost optimization and digital transformation goals. Cost-saving guidelines can cause CIOs to lose sight of the need to build an I&T business model capable of implementing new or emerging business strategy at the end of the crisis. This free webinar will help you look ahead and move forward by establishing an I&T business model that maximizes service value or focuses on strategic business results and is adaptable to address uncertainty.

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