How to Streamline Business Processes with Microsoft Power Automate


Want to learn new and effective ways to create and automate business processes with Microsoft Power Automate? We look forward to hosting our FREE immersive instructor-led webinar on how to seamlessly automate business processes with Microsoft Power Automate. This webinar is designed to introduce you to Power Automate. This will help you create workflows and administer flow.

Join this free webinar to explore the importance of Microsoft Power Automate in today’s world. The webinar will also help you delve into how businesses can automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows between organizations, and enable scalability along with robust security.


  • What is Microsoft Power Automate?
  • Turn repetitive tasks into multi-step automated workflows.
  • How to create workflows with pre-built templates?
  • Scenarios for how Microsoft Power Automate can streamline your work
  • Real-world examples of Microsoft Power Automate
  • Tips and tricks for building valuable business process workflows
  • Q&A session with the speaker
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