Onit’s Workflow Automation and AI Platforms and Products Get a Fresh, Modern Look

Onit, Inc., a leading provider of large-scale work processes and artificial knowledge platforms and agreements, including legal risk management, life contract management, and business process automation, today took a fresh look at its customers. The enhanced plan allows legal entities, Onit application developers, and corporate employees in divisions such as compliance, sales, and IT to create more with fewer opportunities, collaborate, and compete for more.

Combined with Onit’s code-free platforms, Aptitude for workflow automation and AI-powered precedent for business acumen, the natural experience allows the legal entity to close deals, reach more large customers and maximize efficiency.

“With Onit, it’s about working the way you think. We facilitate the improvement and experience of each new item of internal advice to enforce the law and resolve defects. Our new look shares the same mission, making tasks much less complicated so that our customers can focus on higher-value commitments,”said Eric M. Elfman, CEO, and co-benefactor at Unit.

Unit Process Builder – a visual interface for building Onit applications

Process Builder is an important and complementary feature of Onit’s new look. Launched last summer as part of the Aptitude workflow platform, Process Builder allows customers to produce and manage business logic and workflows with a visual interface. Builders organize logic by dragging actions and action groups and placing them exactly where they need to go, which means that legal accounts can build applications quickly without relying on or waiting for technical resources. To date, more than 5,500 questions and 130 agreements have been created in Aptitude, covering use cases for congruence, approval, and management of trade associations, management of discussions, and more.

Last year, Onit also facilitated the Hack the House competition, in which five teams of Onit Fortune 500 customers, industry partners, and team experts created applications in three weeks. Applications overcame the challenges of diversity, IP, compliance, and more. You can read more about the applications and the business needs behind them here.

The new look from Unit is now available. Customers can contact their account managers for more information or watch the video here. Visit here to schedule a demo.

About Onit

One is a global leader in workflows and platforms for artificial insights and responses for the legal, compliance, sales, IT, human resources, and finance departments. With Onit, companies can convert best practices into smarter work processes, better processes, and operational efficiency. With an emphasis on corporate legal management, argument management, expense management, contract lifecycle management, and legal holdings, the company operates worldwide and is changing the way Fortune companies and corporate law firms resolve any issues between legal structures and structures of involvement. One helps customers discover efficiency gains, reduce costs and automate transactions faster.

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