Arctic IT Launches Tribal Platforms 4.0

Arctic IT, a technology company serving Indian countries since 2003, announces the release of Tribal Platforms 4.0, which includes five cloud-based applications designed to help tribes serve their communities with the most ingenious member and management technology.

Tribal Platforms 4.0 manages important member data and serves as the foundation for a tribe’s digital expansion. This software package contains the following applications:

  1. Membership – the leading tribal record management program.
  2. Outcome-based family well-being
  3. Case management, program management, family-oriented graphical interface for child care and family services.
  4. Distribution of payments – Payment management and financial support to members.
  5. Tribal Court offers lifecycle management and secure document management.
  6. Community Portal – Self-service for users, with 24-hour access to personal information and information services.

The Tribal Platforms solution is offered on the SaaS (software as a service subscription) model, which ensures that the customer is always aware of the latest version, with regular and automated software updates. In addition, membership includes unlimited support and maintenance for up to 20 users.

Why We Chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Tribal Platforms 4.0:

Dynamics 365 gives tribes the protection they need, as well as the mobility they need to communicate with their employees on any device or device. Tribal Platforms 4.0 is built on perpetual management and security platform that leverages the power of Microsoft Azure. Data is securely managed across multiple data centers for inherent redundancy, giving tribal governments the business continuity and security they need to effectively serve their members. Dynamics 365 is linked to Microsoft 365 Office products (including Excel, Word, Outlook, and others), significantly extending the software capabilities of Tribal Platforms 4.0.

About Arctic IT

Arctic IT® is a technology company specializing in unique and scalable cloud-based business applications and security solutions. We are committed to fostering strong connections, fostering innovation, and empowering the tribal communities and businesses we’ve served since 2003. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we use advanced technologies to tackle challenging issues such as artificial intelligence and computer automation and machine learning.

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