Binance Removes Singapore Products from Main Platform after Regulator’s Warning

Embattled Binance, one of the world’s largest retailers, said it would cut its operations in Singapore days after the central bank said it had stopped paying.

Singapore’s financial authority has become Binance’s new prime minister, warning last week that the international platform could be violating the law by issuing bills to Singaporeans without proper permission. will no longer offer Singapore dollar charges to Singapore dollar sellers until September 10 and the device will be removed from iOS and Google Play stores, said a statement found on its website. Borders is Binance’s only platform and not the Singapore platform that the company Champing Zhao recommends using.

Currency exchange systems such as Binance, which has been able to operate in almost all global markets on a single platform, have now become increasingly competitive against the authorities.

A few months ago, judges in the UK, Italy, and Hong Kong ruled that Binance groups were not allowed to do any work in their markets, but Malaysian financial officials criticized the currency exchange for an illegal event in the UK. Bloomberg also announced earlier this year that Binance had been investigated by the United States. Department of Justice and Taxation.

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