Clubhouse Allows Linking Instagram and Twitter Accounts on Android Beta App

The Clubhouse app on Android now allows users to add their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles, according to the latest beta release notes. The developers have also released updates, making it easier to keep up with speakers and learn more about events on a club page. In addition, the developers have announced that the app will have a general release this summer, meaning users can freely access the platform. You currently need an invitation to enter the app.

According to the latest Android beta app release notes, Clubhouse users can add their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles to give others the option to get to know you better, follow your other accounts and get to know you best. DM (if your IG / Twitter settings allow it). Testers can access their profiles and tap Add to Twitter or Add Instagram to add the account link.

Another update to the Clubhouse Android app now allows users to follow people and clubs directly from their rooms. If you are in a room and enjoy the discussion or have a specific speaker, you can quickly follow along by tapping the Follow Room button at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, users can now easily see when a club is planning more than one event. “Just go to the club page and you’ll see all upcoming events and can browse them if there’s more than one,” the notes explain. You can also tap the clock icon to be notified when the specific event starts.

In another development related to the Clubhouse Android app, developers tweeted late last month that it has reached 2 million Android users since its May 21 launch. The app reached a score of 24 million users on May 24th.

In addition, the club also tweeted that the app will be available to anyone starting “sometime this summer”. This essentially means that users should not be invited to join the platform. You currently need an invitation to enter the app. “This means that upcoming updates will be less visible, but discoveries, notifications, and improvements are very important,” the tweet said, suggesting corrections be made in upcoming updates to make the Android version compatible with the iOS version.

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