DefinedCrowd Rebrands as, Reflecting Expanded Position as a Developer Platform for Artificial Intelligence, the leading provider of information, modes, and tools of Artificial Intelligence, today announced the innovation for the continued growth and development success and expertise of the company. Sales revenue and marketing materials. Among these changes are the change of the company name to and the update of the company logo and badge.

With current product suits folded under the same name, the company may continue to grow the business upside down, rather than become a global data sauce. Development of AI. While continues to offer its existing services, including custom collection, data collection, and support of white gloves, Defined Data products, Defined Workflows, Defined Solutions, and Defined Crew will all be organized under the directory.

As companies seek to invest in AI technology, developers are increasingly valuing AI mode and data. If AI is based on the elements that represent the communities in which it operates, the results will be more effective and provide a higher level of customer support. platform provides AI modem manufacturers with a platform to design and market the tools and information necessary to create effective AI modes for important business purposes. Developers can purchase data through a single registration or transaction, sell their data as store customers, or request special data created by the team.

About is dedicated to helping future designers.

At Defined. Fight for a better world. That’s why we provide advanced information on AI training, tools, and modes for future developers. We provide data scientists with relevant solutions, from data to its kind of launch to continue its work, to the end of life and perfection in symbols and phonetics. We host a leading AI marketplace where data scientists can buy and sell data, tools, and genres, and offer a variety of services that can be used to create data according to your needs. Also, because the future of AI is uncertain, can provide professional services to help drive success in complex machine learning tasks.

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