ECI Software Solutions Acquires Deacom

ECI Program Solutions, Director of Enterprise Cloud Services, announced today that construction of the Deacom River Chester has been completed. The terms of this agreement have not yet been published.

 Deacom, Inc. DEACOM ERP, a complete ERP platform that provides developers with a unique product that combines all the modules they want to work with, including optimization, management, e-commerce, and ease. Deacom joins ECE’s product division, which currently serves approximately 14,000 manufacturers and workshops around the world and is used as a global customer service. -Monitor and manage upcoming events.

“ECI has been working with developers for many years who expect our products to accelerate and grow their business – the history of Deacom components,” says Trevor Grunewald, ECI CEO. When Deacom is added to the ECE package, we can provide services for new employees as well as long-term equipment. We are excited to join the Deacom team to maintain the business spirit and grow every manufacturer. “

“I started at Deacom 26 years ago with a vision to provide an efficient, easy-to-use, and flexible developer for ERP that is constantly evolving to meet customer needs,” says Jay Deakins, Deacom’s founder, and CEO. “This building is very important to it. We have fully understood the role of ECI in recent months and we are confident that ECI is the right partner for Deacom’s global presence.”

About ECI

The ECI Solutions program provides a complete and scalable business solution that focuses on built-in buildings. For 30 years, ECI has operated small and medium-sized factories, factories, retail stores, homes and buildings, and service organizations.

About Deacom

 Deacom, Inc. DEACOM ERP design, complete ERP platform, and large industrial products. As an ERP software developer, Deacom develops systems that deal with complex problems with programmers and vendors in a silly way. Focusing on ever-changing software, Deacom has created several important filters. This allows customers to improve performance and lower ERP pricing altogether. > Deacom, Inc. has rivers in Chester, PA (USA) and offices in Denver, CO (USA), and Frankfurt, Germany.

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