Edinburgh startup Touchlab among 15 finalists of $10 million ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition

XPRIZE is a world leader in designing and organizing strong competitions to meet major social challenges. It was recently announced that 15 teams from 8 countries will participate in the $ 10 ANA Avatar XPRIZE contest.

Touchlab is one of the graduates

Touchlab, based on its debut in Edinburgh, has raised $ 10 million for the ANA Avatar XPrize Finals as one of 15 teams in the world. If the competition aims to greet people to a remote location in real-time, the initiative has led to the development of Touchlab’s touch-screen telerobot, which allows users to hear, see and interrupt the device environment mushrooms.

Fifteen finalist clubs will share an amazing $ 2 million in fundraising and retire to the final in the fall of 2022. The teams will compete to win the competition. $ 8 million was the final prize and a big winner received $ 5 million, second and third place earned $ 2 million and $ 1 million, respectively.

The biggest, second and third place will be shared in the fall of 2022 after the final exams. Performance tests are evaluated based on certain functions that demonstrate the use of avatar technology in many visual systems. The winners combine a wide range of bodybuilding techniques, independent avatar, visual, audio, and interactive.

“The opportunity to live in a country where people can offer help abroad without compromising the health of their families is closer than ever,” said Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE. “While it’s hard to predict the future of a better life this year, these avatar solutions will solve the world’s real problems and can connect people more than ever before, competing with ANA Avatar XPRIZE and its technology.

Political Science of the Future

VR, Motion Tracking, and Touchlab e-skin technology allows users to hear, see and hear the Telerobot environment. This technique can be used in hospitals to prevent infectious diseases. A pilot program is planned for next year in particular, where the robot will operate patients operating from afar, nuclear war, and even economic growth. Touchlab Telerobot provides complete immersion in an integrated area, allowing you to perform the tasks the user normally needs.

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