launches “Turn Language into Action” a natural language hackathon forever launches "Turn Language into Action" a natural language hackathon forever, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company for understanding language, announces the launch of its global virtual hackathon, “Turn Language into Action: A Natural Language Hackathon for Good,” raising $10,000 in awards and training programs in new skills and enabling the power of language through technology.

It is no longer just big tech companies applying AI to language to enable a more natural interaction between humans and machines. Companies of all sizes and industries rely on understanding natural language and natural language processing (NLU/NLP) to improve customer service, increase efficiency, accelerate intelligent process automation, and more. But despite these ever-expanding use cases, users can hardly scratch the surface when harnessing NL’s full potential.

The event, “Turn Language into Action: A Natural Language Hackathon for Good”, will run on Devpost’s hackathon platform from September 8 to October 27, 2022, and will provide developers with the opportunity to create or modify an existing app for a positive outcome change, including the characteristics of natural language, the meaning of words, and the analysis of feelings.

Individual developers and teams are encouraged to create, deliver and introduce solutions that leverage’s ‘bright from scratch’ knowledge models in specific areas such as:

  • hate speech detection;
  • ESG (environmental, social, governance);
  • Emotional characteristics and sentiment analysis.
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