Eye scan for diabetes! Berkshire startup is developing revolutionary medical technology with £2.85M funding

Fingerprinting blood tests and all the pain, discomfort, and discomfort they bring to diabetes can be a thing of the past. The shocking event will allow 4.7 million diabetics in the UK to test their blood sugar with an easily visible eye test. The Berkshire-based start-up has provided funding to promote and promote the new, sugar-free website Occuity Indigo.

Largest medtech financing deal on Seedrs

Founded in 2019 by Dr. Dan Daly and Dr. Robin Taylor, the first sign of eye care in the window of physical health. The British technology company, which researches, designs, and develops non-standard medicines, tests, and healthcare applications, has developed a major investment Medtech (£ 2.85 million) for the well-known Indigo Seed Promotion platform. The first 1.8 billion expectations were met within 24 hours of opening.

Glaucoma, myopia and diabetes management

This link is intended for diabetics but has attracted the attention of investors because the company’s technology patents are widely used in a variety of diseases, including glaucoma, myopia, and dementia. Diabetes, the first diabetic test and later hopefully the first diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Over 850 investors from 37 countries

CEO of Acuity and co-founder Dr. Dan Daly said: “We are pleased to be a major Medtech partner for Seed and more than 880 million farmers in 37 countries, sharing our vision. Diabetes is a growing global problem and we believe our technology will help healthcare providers around the world assess screening .., adjusting clinical outcomes for hundreds of millions of people.

Repetitive finger stick blood testing, no more

CEO Daniele De Iuliis, who has been a member of Apple’s 27-year-old industrial project team, led the Occuity Indigo program, said: blood pressure and pain and discomfort, a misunderstanding of the pain and discomfort involved. Acuity Indigo, on the other hand, can be a product that only looks into the eyes by taking sugar to get a painless 21st-century solution. “

How will this technology work

Modern imaging technology allows accurate measurement of network structures while minimizing microns. In the case of optical technology, advanced Advanced Terminals (AGEs) are implemented over time. The blue light illuminates the eye and the blue light spreads next to the AAGE green light. Along with the teaching methods, reading this tool will show whether the subject is not diabetic, pre-diabetic, or not. It only takes a few seconds to complete the test, so it can be done in pharmacies, airports, or even specialized facilities, such as a nursing home, in non-clinical settings.

Glucose monitoring (Occuity Indigo)

Acuity Indigo is compared to a company that specializes in technology testing. The stationary object sees the anterior eye chamber around the stupid eye cells. No communication, fast and very painful. Freshwater is the upper part of the blood and red and white blood cells are cleansed. This means that the amount of sugar in it is equal to that in the blood.

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