Facebook Rolls out New Messaging, Business Tools for Brands with Aim to Become Online Shopping Destination

Facebook Rolls is opening up new ways for businesses to search and communicate with potential customers through its app, the social media company told China as it tried to become an Internet marketer.

These new photos will help Facebook Rolls, which has become a digital media leader, provide its users with selected marketing information, said Karan Deep Anand, Facebook’s director of product marketing.

Businesses can now add a button to their Instagram account that allows people to send WhatsApp messages to the business with a single button.WhatsApp integration is important for consumers in countries like India and Brazil, where the Facebook messaging system is widely used, Anand said.

Facebook says it is starting to try to choose an email delivery platform through the Facebook Business Suite, which will allow companies to promote their presence on social networks. Plans to simplify the way companies reach customers.

It has a new job approval system that allows employees to read company pages without having to sign their accounts. First, as part of an effort to promote e-commerce through services.

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