Facebook Says Wall Street Journal Allegations Are ‘Mischaracterizations,’ Confer ‘False Motives’

On Saturday, Facebook filmed articles about the state in the Wall Street Journal Saturday because of “inaccuracies,” saying the articles “mistakenly tested the mistakes of Facebook’s executives and employees.”

The Wall Street Journal, citing an analysis of the company’s internal records, including search listings, web interviews, and public information for top executives, said that even Facebook analysts said it was “bad “behavior, but the company failed.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook freed older users from one or all of its rules, controlled the youth status of the Instagram app, and made algorithm changes that caused “resentment” and some response from employees about the use situation in developed countries and consumers.

“Nick Clegg, deputy director of international relations, wrote on the website, reported in The Wall Street Journal,“ there’s a misunderstanding of what we’re trying to provide. And expose Facebook managers and employees to the wrong motives. “

Clegg described it as “just wrong” as an allegation that “Facebook is researching and neglecting it if the company’s results are problematic.”

Clegg said Facebook understands the “important role of working in a global environment” and he takes it seriously, but “strongly condemns this violation of our work and its consequences. The company.”

Clegg defended Facebook’s use of the COVID-19 valve and said the “link between social media and social Welfare” remained a problem. This is important in a learning environment.

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