Freshworks Expands Conversational AI Integration in CX and CRM Products

Freshworks Inc., a software company that empowers the people who drive the business, today announced the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in its modern, easy-to-use customer experience solutions. Freshworks will host a virtual event on November 9 to showcase a variety of new product innovations during the Fall 22 launch.

The collection of updates in the Freshworks product portfolio is designed to make work easier, more productive, and more fun, with easy-to-use and quick-to-implement automation via AI natively integrated into Freshchat ™, Freshdesk ™, Freshsales ™, and Freshmarketer ™. Product updates include AI-powered support features to help agents improve response times and built-in AI to help sales and marketers increase productivity and get more business.

According to Aberdeen Strategy & Research, real-time AI helps organizations maximize agent performance, create satisfied customers, and reduce costs, with organizations leveraging AI capabilities achieving a 3.5x increase in rates of throughput.

Conversational AI can also impact profits: “By 2026, the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) within contact centers will reduce agent labor costs by $ 80 billion, according to Gartner®, Inc .1 “and also helps organizations better serve customers to serve.

Some of the highlights of the Freshworks Fall ’22 release include:

Automated customer relationship management: thanks to Freshsales and Freshmarketer

  • Smart Lead Scoring allows teams to understand how customers are using their products and who might be ready for further interactions/touchpoints. Built-in AI identifies positive and negative buying signals on the web and in apps and learns from these interactions to provide insights. Users can confidently make data-driven decisions and have more personal conversations with their customers.
  • Social media campaigns empower marketers by giving them the ability to engage with their target audience on Instagram and Facebook. On Freshmarketer, they can plan and publish social media posts across all channels and analyze their performance to create engaging content and generate more leads.

Smart multichannel conversations: based on Freshchat

  • Smart Reply quickly solves customer problems with AI-powered auto-complete responses, providing dynamic suggestions to agents as they type customer responses. Smart recommendations are tailored based on the user’s latest message, the full context of the conversation, and the customer’s previous shopping behavior.
  • Email in Freshchat Inbox allows agents to have personalized omnichannel conversations with customers and allows businesses to set up their support email addresses and bring emails directly to Freshchat.
  • Chat widget allows support administration teams to use a single widget to power live chat and self-service AI. The Conversations widget supports all Freshchat features and uses cases, making it easy to engage in conversations.
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