Google Photos now allows you to save images from Gmail with a single click

A week before the Google Photos announcement, the company started relying on storing users’ accounts for new uploads and documents, Google added a method that allowed users to import images from Gmail directly into their photo library.

Before the next change that will limit user uploads to a 15 GB storage quota next month, Google introduced several new features to its photoshoot, hoping to keep enough users on the service. The company is now adding support for Gmail’s “Save to Photo” feature, which allows you to save images directly to your library.

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Until now, receiving a photo in Gmail had the option to download the image to your device or save a copy to Google Drive storage. Engadget reports that Google is now adding support for saving images directly to Google Photos, without first saving them to your computer. It is important to note that, as of June 1, Google will begin counting the storage space for all new files, emails, and documents as part of its standard 15 GB account quota.

The new feature can be useful in a variety of scenarios – for example, if you receive photos of events as email attachments from family or friends, you may want to save them to Google Photos instead of Google Drive. Instead of downloading and resending the image from Gmail, the new feature saves time by allowing you to add the image directly to your photo collection.

According to the report, Google will launch the feature for users in 15 days. Therefore, users may not be very satisfied with users who want to quickly save all their photo attachments to photos before the free unlimited storage space runs out. However, users can still export and download a copy of their Gmail data from Google Takeout, select the desired images and upload them to Google Photos before June 1, when unlimited storage is permanently closed to all users.

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