Honda Prologue: Company Targets Annual Sales of 70,000 Electric Vehicles in the US From 2024

U.S. Company Honda announced on Monday that it will initially sell 70,000 of its energy plans coming to market in 2024. Honda plans to increase the number of electric vehicles as it expects to sell 500 electric vehicles in the United States by 2030 and up to 100 percent of electric vehicles in North America by 2040.

This happened when President Joe Biden signed a decree last month aimed at selling half of the new airlines to zero production by 2030. The Prologue works in partnership with General Motors and is based on Detroit maker’s Ultrium platform, a modular platform with a battery system. Honda and GM are partnering on the Acura electric SUV brand.

GM will combine the introduction of the Acura SUV – both will be sold in 2024 – but Honda has not yet announced the carmaker or the name or quantity of the vehicle. Acura items.

In line with genetically modified projects, Honda will launch several electric vehicles by 2030 under Honda’s new Electrical Installation Program and bring electric cars to North American stores. Dave Gardner, vice president of operations for the U.S.They said plans to expand integrated electrical systems to many parts of the United States.

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