Huawei spinoff Honor launches the first smartphone overseas, complete with U.S. tech

GUANGZHOU, China — The Huawei smartphone launched last year announced its smartphone overseas since it became an independent company, only available on Google software and Qualcomm chips.

529 euros ($ 614) Honor 50 will be brought to 40 international markets and marks a significant milestone for the first generation of Huawei as it looks like it will return to such a global market.

Huawei budget smartphone type light. Sold in December to a group of buyers, including funds sponsored by the Shenzhen city government.

Huawei was hit by US sanctions in 2019 and 2020 which disrupted its acquisition of key technologies including Google’s Google operating system and integration as well as gaming devices. That destroyed Huawei’s business.

To preserve the Honor logo, it was sold by Huawei. Honor is currently not subject to US sanctions and its new device runs Android and Google devices and runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G chip. The Honor 50 also has a 4 rear camera set and a 6.57-inch display.

While lighting is seen as a brand under Huawei, the company wants to continue in the niche segment of the market. Honor 50 opened in China earlier this year.

From the outset, Honor also acquired a share of the Chinese market. In August, the Honor market stood at 15% in China, becoming the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the country – for the first time holding the position for years, according to Counterpoint Research.

Globally, its market fell 3.7% in August, up from 1.5% in February, but largely due to China’s discovery.

In the global market, the lights will face other Chinese competitors including Xiaomi, who was able to take over some of such a market that Huawei lost.

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