Iteris Unveils New Artificial-Intelligence Powered Detection Sensor for Smart Intersections

Iteris, Inc., the world’s leading information technology Vantage Apex, today announced the launch of the world’s first 1080p high-definition video (HD) and 4D (4D) radar and integrated artificial intelligence (AI).

Based on the key metrics of AI machines, Vantage Apex includes powerful Iteris-AI scans, multiple image libraries, high-performance graphics processor/processor design, analysis machines, and neural network algorithms. This makes it possible to organize various vehicles and road services, such as pedestrians and cyclists, more efficiently.

Full-resolution images with 1080p cameras provide a clear picture of the amazing contrast of the street network seen in street traffic (TMC).) Or further afield on most mobile phones. Using Iteris Video Viewer.

When using a radar controller, the Vantage Apex Hybrid Sensor utilizes a high-tech 4D / HD industry with a range of more than 600 meters.

Vantage Apex includes well-designed vehicles that provide important information about all vehicles (V2X) and stand-alone vehicles (CAV), including the Iteris Blue TOAD® Spectra CV.

Join Vantage Apex with Vantage Care – – Iteris Cloud Service – and Clear Gwara SPM ™ Service through Iteris and Vantage Live! ® And other sites, and the meter uses meters.

Ai Vantage Apex’s intelligent sensor is an integral part of the Iteris Clear Mobility * platform, the most comprehensive solution for tracking, tracking, and monitoring global traffic. See safer routes, better traffic, and a more prosperous society around the world. The lighting platform uses a variety of tools, emergency information, first-timers, consulting services, and project management to ensure a safe, efficient and flexible system.

“We are pleased to announce the release of Vantage Apex, the company’s first 1080p video with a 4D radar sensor and integrated artificial intelligence algorithm,” said Todd Kreter, vice president and CEO of Itter’s advanced sensor. “Vantage Apex is an intelligent database of Iteris market-leading motor vehicles with unparalleled testing of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, as well as HD images from TMC researchers that improve safety, mobility, and reliability on all journeys.”

About Iteris, Inc.

Iteri is the world’s leading advanced tourism technology – the basis of new time travel. We use the cloud, cloud data, smartphones, consulting services, and targeted services to ensure safe, efficient, and seamless traffic. Global research, testing, and confirmatory responses to human trafficking diseases will help ensure safe routes, safe transportation, and a healthy society.

Iteris Forward-Looking Statements

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