Micro strategy CEO Michael Saylor of Bullish Bitcoin despite losing the paper

Micro Strategy claims to currently have 1.05 million Bitcoin.

Micro Strategy, a large Bitcoin trading company, has decided to continue pouring money into its planned assets despite losses. A smart trading company in the United States has claimed that the current value of Bitcoin is $ 2,051 billion (about Rs.). However, it is considered a lost (unknown) document based on money at the end of the second minute. Michael Saylor, who often leaves the sky in the future of old money. Overall, he said he was “satisfied with the result” on the number of goods planned.

Saylor said in a statement that the newly invested companies have promised to increase the digital currency to 1.55 million bitcoins. He added: “As we move forward, we continue to look forward to more investment in our portfolio.”

The company said their partnership with Macro Strategy holds about 92,079 bitcoins.

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