Microsoft beats revenue expectations, reporting 22% growth

Microsoft shares were up 2% in business growth on Tuesday as software and data analysis tools reported earnings in the first quarter rose higher than analysts’ estimates.

Here’s how the company did this:

Earnings: $ 2.27 per share, adjustment, against. $ 2.07 as expected by researchers, according to Refinitiv.

Revenue: $ 45.32 billion, vs. $ 43.97 billion as expected by analysts, according to Refinitiv.

The company’s total revenue has risen by about 22% year-over-year, according to the report. This is the fastest-growing since 2018. The money increased by 21% in the last quarter.

Microsoft reported $ 20.5 billion in revenue, up from 48%.

According to the guidelines, Microsoft needed $ 50.15 billion to $ 51.05 billion in revenue in the second quarter. It is worth $ 50.60 billion between calls, exceeding the $ 48 billion contract.

Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud segment – which includes the Azure year, development services, GitHub, SQL Server, System Center, Visual Studio, and Windows Server – has contributed $ 16,600, up from 31% up to a year. StreetAccount audited over $ 16.51 billion.

Microsoft said Azure and other services, therefore, grew by 50% per quarter. Microsoft Azure’s public tax rate was expected to be 47%, according to a survey of 12 analysts, while StreetAccount analysts accounted for 48% of Azure growth.

The result was stronger than Microsoft itself had stated three months ago. Amy Hood, the company’s chief financial officer, called for Azure’s growth to be strong in terms of financial stability. At present Azure growth is 48% of regular revenue, up from 45% in the first quarter. Microsoft does not disclose the prize for the Azure account.

On Tuesday Hood said of the second quarter, “we expect the growth of quality in our Azure shipping business to keep pace with current trends and our shipping business as it continues. Continue to grow. More basics.”

The Operations and Business Division, which includes Dynamics, LinkedIn, and Office, provided $ 15 billion in funding, up to 22% and over $ 14.67 billion in the StreetAccount agreement.

Other Computer Software businesses, including Windows, Hardware, games, and search engine optimization, have earned $ 12 billion, up to $ 12%. This amount is more than $ 12.72 billion in the contract. PC equipment increased by 1% in the third quarter, according to a comparison from expert Gartner. As a result, Windows sales to developers increased by 10 percent, and Microsoft reported that the risks of installing PCs affected business. The company has seen a surge in PC sales, in particular, Hood said over the phone.

Hood is needed to accelerate Windows sales to device manufacturers in the second phase, with growth reaching “mid-generation.”

During the quarter, Microsoft unveiled new Tablet PCs, said it was getting initial security CloudKnox and RiskIQ, and announced plans to increase the price of Office 365. Hire Amazon Cloud manager Charlie Bell works with cybersecurity and wants to spend more money on security research and success.

Microsoft shares rose 39% in 2021, while the S&P 500 index rose 22% over the same period.

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