Microsoft to launch new Surface PCs on September 22, Surface Duo 2 reveal also expected

Microsoft announced that it will have a special event on September 22 to announce the next product release. The program sent criminals to invite an event to be held later this month and a few days after the release of Windows 11. Although Microsoft has not yet announced the announcement of new laptops and tablets on Sept. 22, it said that “the company is talking about devices running Windows 11.”

Microsoft’s results are highly confidential. There are rumors that Microsoft will announce the Surface Duo 2 this year. This Android Power shipping company duo 2 represents the first duo. The photoshoot awaits with three cameras, recalling where the first duo came from. It has a TV camera, an overseas camera, and a rear camera. The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 also seems to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, which means it has 5G support like NFC.

Although the Surface Duo 2 is a software version, Microsoft may also release the Surface Book 3. However, Windows Central also said that the website could be called Surface Laptop Pro or something similar, but the Book 4 model is not can be replaced. The name change may indicate that Microsoft’s laptop policy is no longer available, but includes 14-inch screens and other high-resolution feedback.

Surface Pro is also waiting for a new version of the event. Although there isn’t much talk about the Surface Pro, Microsoft can currently surf the Surface Pro tools because Windows 11 expects to bring all PCs and tablets. Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 7 Plus earlier this year for businesses only, and this event could be a great time for customers to visit.

Microsoft may launch the Surface Go 3 as a replacement for the Surface Go 2, which means the part is more expensive. The device was recently introduced to the Geébench reference platform, showing a performance improvement. According to reports, the design of the Surface Go 3 may be the same as the original, but it has LTE support and security elimination.

Microsoft hasn’t developed Top Studio in years and they sell it cheaply all over the market. There’s no indication that the company wants to announce the news today, but if there’s a plan, the Surface event will be a great time in the future.

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