Microsoft Warns Azure Customers of Flaw That Could Have Permitted Hackers Access to Data

Microsoft warned some of its Azure agents last year about a security breach that could allow scammers to gain access to their information. Microsoft said in a security blog post that they have corrected an error reported by Palo Alto Networks and have no evidence of corporate exploitation. They said some customers said they should change the entry signs as a warning.

The blog follows Reuters ’questions about how Palo Alto explained it. Microsoft has not answered any questions, including reviewing the information.

In a previous interview, Palo Alto analyst Ariel Zelivansky told Reuters that his team was able to move from the Azure phase for use in so-called security systems. He said Azure Guardian used the unpublished code to create the name. As a result, the Palo Alto team was able to manage the offer, including sending other customers.

“This is the first attack on a cloud security program to secure additional accounts,” said Ian Coldwater, longtime security manager who oversaw the fire. Height at the request of Reuters.

Palo Alto told Microsoft in July. Lewinsky says his team has been trying for several months and admits that bullies may not follow the same pattern of actual attacks.

However, the report is the second most common bug in Microsoft Azure in a few weeks. At the end of August, security experts explained to Wiz a registration error that allowed the customer to edit some records.

In all of these cases, Microsoft’s exposure is targeted at potential customers who may be violating their analysts, not at those who have violated their policies.“Consumers have been warned that such practices could harm researchers,” Microsoft wrote on Wednesday.

According to Coldwater, the problem has been exacerbated by the lack of timely patches, which Microsoft often blames consumers for. “Many of the reasons for the attack are no longer to be found in today’s programs.”

Coldwater says some security programs are used to gather customers who experience negative reactions, such as identifying a security company, and trees show any activity. The study revealed a division of responsibilities between service providers and security users.

Lewinsky noted that buildings are generally safe, while Microsoft and other companies can repair them instead of expecting customers to use the repairs. However, he also called the annual attack by well-supported enemies, including national governments, a “necessary precaution.”

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