TikTok Lead EU Regulator Opens Two Data Privacy Probes

European Union regional commissioner TikTok opened two questions on short-term maternity monitoring in China and the interpretation of this information in China. The Irish Data Protection Commission, the European leader of many well-known internet companies, is authorized to charge up to 400% of global taxes from its office. To laugh.

In August, TikTok released a special privacy policy for teens that seek to resolve complaints that fail to protect children from confidential and incomprehensible claims. Thanks to the China Music Byte service, TikTok is growing rapidly around the world, especially among young people.

The first study focused on “the traditional processing of personal data of users under 18 and non-users under 13,” according to the statement from the Data Protection Commission.

The second study looked at TikTok’s information exchange in China and whether the company complies with European data protection law regarding the exchange of information abroad. Location Information. Earlier this month, the Irish record company released a record 225 billion banknotes (estimated at Rs.

However, the guard opposed criticism from other European countries over the simplicity of their affairs and the severity of the sanctions. The Irish governor had 27 questions from other countries that decided last year, including 14 on Facebook and its members.

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