Twitter Testing Communities Feature for Tweeting to Groups of Users with Similar Interests

On Wednesday, Twitter Testing released a global survey on a community tool, a platform similar to Facebook groups that allow people to tweet as they do. Enjoy it. The secret will be released on iOS and online, and Apple users want to find it right away.

Twitter Testing mentioned in its blog post that some users may live in cities and more will come in the coming months. The company did not specify the number of individuals who could form organizations in the process, but an individual user can join the group in the invitation. Citizens, even members, were invited to a teacher or other representative.

United Media has recently been very interested in new initiatives, including late plantings and luxury salons, hoping to change volatile trading for years to come.

Facebook has raised many Facebook issues, making them private or public, important since 2017. However, Facebook groups have also been used to disseminate false and misleading information and to organize events. My friend recommended things for users.

Twitter says it will follow its rules by taking steps to keep people safe, including developing ways to help identify potentially vulnerable areas.

David Regan, Twitter’s human resources manager, said: “Some of the first cities surveyed are Twitter’s most popular forums.” He said it included “dogs, fighting, shoes, skincare and stars and more.”

Users then become administrators who define and create the status of their teams. During the experiment, the company will evaluate and collaborate with researchers.

A Twitter spokesman said the company conducted a survey last year and interviewed experts “to better understand how the community is being exploited and abused.”

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