Vectra AI Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Vectra AI today announced the availability of Vectra Detect ‘Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store that provides services and services to Microsoft Azure. Vectra customers can now take advantage of Azure usage, high availability, and security, as well as usage and control.

Vectra AI provides security, safety protection, and accountability that give Zero Trust capabilities to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure customers. A member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), Vectra has developed and developed customized Azure Sentinel workbooks to facilitate emergency response in hardware integration and enable security analysts and SOC teams to lead. Vectra is also collaborating with Microsoft on its Zero Trust program.

The Vectra Detect-based website allows security analysts to evaluate their first and foremost searches, providing hope for all information and recipients who show uncertain, validated practices find yourself in addition research. Vectra Detect Workbooks for Azure Sentinel offers customers many benefits including:

• The Azure Sentinel Problem in terms of threats and the accuracy of Vectra data

• Emergency medical examination to identify and identify the equipment, problems, and attacks involved in any situation

• Accurate Vectra research on the Azure Sentinel to update the SOC team manual

“Microsoft Azure Marketplace helps customers worldwide find, test, and install the best and most secure software solutions to work with Azure,” said Jake Zborowski, CEO, Microsoft Azure Platform, and Microsoft Corp. consumers and markets. “

About Vectra

Vectra® is a leader in threat and accountability – from cloud and data center operations to users and IoT devices. Its Cognito® platform accelerates intimidation and AI analysis to improve communication metadata that collects and stores information. Vectra offers four features in the Cognito platform to deal with advanced issues. Stream * sends protected metadata to pools and SIEM. Recall ™ is a useful tool when storing and analyzing threats to updated metadata. Explore ante using AI to visualize and prioritize colors and invisibility with extreme speed. Both Search Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 detect and prevent attacks by developers of SaaS tools and Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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