WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Outage Caused by Problem in Company’s Domain Name System

Monday’s absence on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram appears to have been caused by a problem with the company’s naming system, which is unclear but important on the internet.

This is often called DNS, like an online phone book. This tool converts a website, such as Facebook, internet connection or IP, to the website address. Imagine on Facebook how someone sees themselves on white pages, and that IP address is the address they get.

On Monday, that is, a problematic issue was faced with Facebook DNS reports being reported or a six-hour absence. If a DNS error occurs, users’ websites or phones may take a while to access Facebook services.

Not only following the original Facebook, Instagram terms, but also other internal mail, including corporate email. Twitter and Reddit users also said employees of companies in Menlo Park, California, could not enter offices and conference rooms without security badges. This can happen if the system allows linked access to a website-Facebook.

The problem with Facebook appears to be caused by the Border Gateway Protocol or BGP. If DNS is the telephone directory on the Internet, BGP is the letter. When a user sees information over the air, BGP will choose the best ways to access that information.

Just minutes before the announcement on Facebook, social media posted several changes to Facebook’s practices regarding BGP, according to John Chief-Cumming, Cloud flare’s chief technology officer, and a tweet. Facebook did not disclose why the changes were made.

Therefore, Cloud flare CEO Matthew Prince sent a letter later Monday that public information showing the BGP measures was “re-released. It probably means the service is being changed.”

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