YouTube Premium, Music Now Have Over 50 Million Subscribers, Company Reports

YouTube has already paid more than 50 million people for its music service, a major event on Google’s website that has long been criticized by Hollywood names and studios for its free services.

Among the 50 million are YouTube music writers, YouTube Premium writers who accept music as part of their writing, and writers who subscribe to it. Common types. The company did not disclose taxes paid to its members or customs taxes.

Over the past decade, Google has been trying to pay for music with more features and less powerful names. The announcement of a major music service released in June 2018 shows that YouTube then understands its ability to get customers to pay for music. According to a media survey, YouTube is the fastest growing service in the world and currently employs about eight percent of the world’s writers. Spotify is the most popular.

This is good news for advertisers of YouTube’s older alphabet. YouTube’s free advertising business has become one of the largest advertising companies in the world. YouTube reported fourth-quarter sales of $ 7 billion (about 51,160 million rubles), up 84 percent from a year ago. The social network has laid the foundation for the growth of YouTube, which is the foundation for many of the world’s largest media companies.

“News of the fire has spread,” music director Lyor Cohen told YouTube.

When YouTube hired Cohen to run his own music company five years ago, the salary came under pressure from mistrust.

Cohen grew up in the rap of the 1980s, worked on objects like Run-DMC, LL Cool J, and Beastie Boys, and excelled in capturing K’s top three executives, the Company, the Warner Music Group. Cohen has gained a good reputation for bombings and demonstrations, and his Rolodex has included all school leaders and other musicians for the past 40 years.

However, YouTube is the music company Bete Noire, a research company with several research companies, all based on the idea that information should be free and available. The company was accused of a violation and had a good seller.

The music company, which has been accused of belonging to the network for 15 years, urges people to pay for music. Administrators complained that YouTube could set up a large company if necessary. If a translation company had only 5 percent of the two billion users, it could earn $ 100 million. But YouTube always puts its advertising business above everything else.

YouTube has always been an important platform for promoting the music industry, and video producers make it more accessible online. Under Cohen’s leadership, YouTube has sought to strengthen its advertising tools, create new content for authors to promote their videos and connect with real-time viewers. But Cohen said celebrities aren’t doing enough. They also need to get rich on YouTube.

Although Cohen took a long time to embrace the culture, she was supported by Susana Wojcicki Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s commercial director and director. “A lot of colleagues encouraged me to edit articles on Google and YouTube,” Cohen said.

YouTube entered into a new partnership with music partners in late 2017 and early 2018 and paved the way for new service in June this year. According to Kyncl, YouTube Music is less profitable in the first ten months. The company has limited money to set a business record.

They didn’t know where the store should be stored for the convenience of the users. Can it be compared to rich countries like the United States and the United Kingdom where marketing is expensive but people have money or poor countries where it can be bought but consumers don’t pay much? It was unclear how registered people would be protected from negligence for any reason or infrequently.

But over the past two years, YouTube has spent a lot of money buying services and construction equipment, as well as the first services to attract and encourage new users.

Earlier this year, Cohen encouraged YouTube to pay more than $ 4 billion (about $ 29,230 million) to the music industry over the past 12 months. And more than a decade later, the music industry has developed negatively. The top five music companies posted comments praising YouTube’s growth.

“Music has always been an important part of their situation and it’s good to see that they are a powerful force in literature,” said Max Lousada, the group’s CEO. Warner Music Group released the music.

YouTube continues to thrive in new markets and challenges companies like Apple and Amazon. However, as YouTube has become a popular video advertising service in many of these countries, the company has a platform that tires viewers or interested viewers when they no longer have an Internet connection.

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