A Chinese version of Fortnite to close in November

Fortress Night, the Chinese version of the popular game Fortnite, is to close later this month.

Epic Games, owned by Fortnite Chinese, has so far had no reason to consider closing the game online.

The tournament, which has been available in China as a trial for two years, is set to end on May 15.

China has made it legal for children to play electronic games.

The final match of the players closed on November 1, the program said, two weeks before the tournament closed.

The game was launched in China in 2018 in partnership with Chinese company Tencent. Many Western sports require a radical change in the Chinese market, both legally and culturally.

Fortress Night includes several changes from Fortnite’s original, including a reduction in players’ time spent on the game, as well as a lack of “microtransactions” to buy items in the game with real money.

In August, Chinese video game regulators announced that those under the age of 18 would be limited to one hour of live broadcasts on Friday, weekends, and holidays.

The government has always been concerned about the amount of time young people spend on sports. For example, a government proclamation announced that online gambling was “spiritual opium” earlier this year.

Announcing the closing of the Epic Games, he wrote: “Thank you to the Fortnite China players who boarded the Bus with us for participating in Beta.”

The company declined to comment on the closure.

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