Apple Watch Series 7 Shipments to Begin Late-September, Apple Watch Series 8 May Include Body Temperature Measurement: Ming-Chi Kuo

The Apple Watch Series 7 announced that it stopped shipping on time and Apple expects delivery to begin by the end of September. The dress will open at Apple’s event on Sept. 14. A few days ago, Bloomberg’s Mark German spoke about the delay and said the dress would be unveiled at the event, but it’s already started.

Kuo said in a statement used by Macromeres, “Making the Apple Watch 7 is usually part-time. However, it has been fixed, with some issues. It will start in mid-September.” According to researchers, the Apple Watch Series 7 will have to deal with more technology than last night due to “big” image changes. The exhibition has a simple image similar to the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.

And again, Kuo said the show uses a new wireless device instead of the old wireless cable and requires less branching (LIPO) for the first time. Apple is also testing OLED screens for new customers like LG Display, Little Pong, and Jabil. The delays are said to be caused by exporting companies and the new telecommunication system.

Therefore, Kuo said Apple has solved part of the reliability problem.

In his report, Kuo also provided information about next year’s Apple Watch series. Body temperature is an important factor in relieving fever and a thermometer is commonly used. And in the future, Air Pods will invent effective health screening services. Kuo did not specify what things meant. According to Kuo, the Chinese company Lux share Precision is the “best heir” of Apple’s healthcare products.

Currently, everyone is watching the Apple Streaming California event on Tuesday, September 14. The major changes are said to have significantly contributed to the development of the new iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, and Air Pods 3.

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