AutoFill Technologies that revolutionizes inspection workflows wants to expand to the UK with £2.2M funding

AutoFill Technologies, based in the Netherlands, is an innovative technology company that develops systems for testing the performance of garages and trains. In the latter cases, Company A saved EUR 2.6 million (approximately EUR 2.2 million).

Growth plans ahead

The planting cycle was led by electronics businessman Innovation Industries, including the Deeptech Labs initiative launched by Arm and the University of Cambridge, among others. In addition, former Microsoft CEO Rick Belluzzo and former Audi CEO Bram Schot both joined the AutoFill Advisory Board earlier this year.

Investments will promote self-made solutions, strengthen existing systems through partnerships and improve their design. In addition, autorun in the UK will launch its first integration.

Gideon Richheimer, CEO and co-founder of AutoFill, commented on the fundraiser: “AutoFill technology eliminates human error, increases law enforcement and order, and raises huge development costs. We are very grateful for their support for the initiative.

Harm De Vries, founder, and co-founder of Innovation Industries said: “AutoFill is a‘ gen ’high-tech startup – based on an experienced team – that can save billions of dollars a year.

Miles Kirby, CEO of Deeptech Labs, said: “Once we have completed our very fast and fast-paced project, we are delighted to be able to demonstrate our commitment to the company with this financial support, including garages and trains. And much more.

Bram Schot, former CEO of Audi and a member of the AutoFill Committee, said: “I joined the AutoFill Advisory Board earlier this year because I was excited about the profession.

Revolutionises inspection workflows

Today, car and train studies are mostly done by people. The intelligence of the current system is currently expensive and needs to be changed and improved. Founded by Gideon Richheimer, Luc Demarteau, Stefan Verhoeven, and Daan De Cloe, AutoFill has developed a comprehensive visual solution and comprehensive data aggregation technology to detect errors and improve performance.

Ready-to-use autofill solutions can be integrated with existing operating systems, improving their usability, ad performance, security, and cost savings. All of this is modern, enjoyable, and adds balance to decision-making.

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