Brighton-based pet-sitting network lands $10M to fund US expansion

Brighton wants animal-loving cities in a country-building project that is so appealing to pet owners, but TrustedHousesitters has announced it has received a Part A fund of $ 10 million. The global gas network uses this money to grow into the US market. Although the movement has slowed over the past 18 months, the company is already seeing the disease in the first half.

Increase in global demand for pets

The epidemic has seen a drastic increase in global demand for livestock, with 3.2 million British households taking cattle instead of keys, according to a report by the Food Producers Association. Brighton Pet foods bring a total of 34 million cattle to the UK. In the United States, this means $ 8 billion spent on animal services, including livestock.

Value exchange between pet owners and pet sitters

As Brighton pet owners grow, many are looking for other ways to remove pets from unfamiliar areas that can cause stress and separate the animal from the stress of the owners. Faithful domestic workers promise pet owners a lower price – for $ 99 a year, their owners will find unlimited housing on their employer’s website, offering their services in an acceptable place where their chosen home can move and share life. loves animals.

4 million nights of pet sitting in 130 countries

When the movement – global and family – opens up and works far and continues to have more digital people, more than 30,000 new members and representatives will be noticed from the beginning. 2021.

Livestock and livestock living conditions, created in 2010, have now grown to more than 4 million or more pets in 130 countries. California.

Familiar and safe environment for pets

“We’re excited to increase our membership in the United States around the world and see that new and existing pet owners can move around without having to worry about permission. Keep your animals as they are.” Our citizens instill a true love of animal welfare for their pets, so their owners do not have to make sure their loved ones are worried about separation. Their environment is normal and safe. “

US expansion on cards

“There’s no better time to invest in a company as big as TrustedHousesitters,” said Guy Ellis, Rockpool’s investment manager.

In 2020, the first was selected to participate in the Tech Nation-led Uppscale program. The company also announced the appointment of Brock Weatherup to its management. As CEO of Metamorphosis Partners and former Vice President of PetCo, Weatherup has been a leader in the U.S. livestock industry and has brought its experience to this growing market, and is an investor in this Series A competition.

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