Claris Engage 2020: Honoring 25 years of meeting business challenges with cutting-edge custom software.

Apple affiliate Claris International Inc. welcomes the global Claris community to a free Engage 2020 virtual conference on August 4th and 5th. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented a traditional personal event, it accelerated the demand for software-driven innovation, known as “digital transformation.” The Claris community, which uses Claris’ leading low-code software platform, meets annually to share ideas and best practices for improving the “Building on Claris” applications they create for business, education and government. “For 25 years, Engage has been the most important opportunity for our community to connect, learn and innovate,” said Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris. “With the growing demand for new applications and the growing gap between skilled developers, our low-code platform is more necessary and relevant than ever. We are proud that our customers rely on Claris to solve their unique problems quickly and efficiently. economic while being supported by an unprecedented community in the industry.It is the strength of this community that has allowed us to respond together to the COVID-19 crisis. to distance education and businesses face unprecedented challenges.

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