Customer data platform from the UK, secures £400K funding to grow further

The British company,, is a software program that helps businesses understand the behavior of their Customer data and see the trends. This consumer index confirmed Mercia’s investment of £ 400K as it targets growth.

Pursue growth strategy

The business has achieved crop growth over the years and has plans for the future. This planting will help to follow its growth path. And again, the money will help Distil improve its products and speed up sales and sales.

Gerry McNicol, CEO of Distil, said: “We are in the process of helping businesses transform their record from an expensive, time-consuming, to the highly targeted problem. Mercia, we have found the perfect partner. To accelerate the growth of Distil and its customers.”

Mercia invested in its EIS investment. Kiran Mehta, Investment Manager at Mercia also said: “In many companies, customer information is distributed to different channels and tools, but there is very important information that is important for business success. and procedures.

Single centralised customer data viee

Founded in 2018 by data scientist Gerry McNicol, the platform integrates data from different business sauces and integrates it into a single integrated database. It allows companies to meet the needs of individual customers and reduce the time required to get more sales. Exeter-based company has attracted top clients including CrowdCube, Eden Project, CMO Stores, Flavorly, and AQL.

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