Denim brand G-Star RAW chooses Nedap ID Cloud to create seamless shopping experiences

Nedap Retail, a global leader in RFID solutions, is making a major contribution to building a complete supply chain and seamless customer network with G-Star RAW. The brand has chosen the Nedap ID Cloud platform to gain full visual representation to support its launch channel strategy.

It started as a shop where the Nedap Retail solution was opened in recent years, which has grown and closed the gap between the network and brick shops. G-Star needs to know what’s in stock and where things are always moving. With Nedap iD Cloud, the name could fix and deliver anything at any time.

Because many of the best products are available through stores, denim leather gets better results when it comes to sending orders and BOPIS (click and save) orders, and when tested products arrive, and make sure you get the first extra tips.

Commenting on the latest technology, Barry van Wijk, head of retail operations at G-Star RAW, said: “COVID-19 highlighted the importance of an all-channel system today.

We saw a change in the usual shopping area. It was a place to try to buy demons, but of course, there are no shops today. The stores have become modern assets to provide customers with a complete experience when we use them as distribution centers. This allows our customers to pick up what they bought online or give it away at the beginning of the day. “

Bruno Bakker, Nedap’s director of business development, commented on the partnership: “The partnership with G-Star was very exciting in this project and since they had already labeled all of their products, it was easy to do.

About Nedap N.V.

Nedap focuses on the development and delivery of Life Technology: a cutting-edge solution that makes people more stable and successful in their working life. Nedap N.V. has more than eight hundred employees and operates worldwide.

About Nedap Retail

Nedap is a global leader in RFID-based marketing solutions. Nedap helps consumers save money, improve product quality and simplify the management of many RFID-based stores. Nedap-based RFID software provides marketers with real-time product information and real-time location for each product. Using this real-time experience, stores can easily switch, giving customers a better buying and selling experience.

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