DOMA Technologies Launches Version 8.0 of Its DX Software to Provide a New User Experience

DOMA Technologies, a cloud-based document management company, has released DOMA Experience (DX) software, the latest version of its content services platform. DX 8.0 enhances typical document archiving with advanced hyper-automation capabilities.

DX can extract, index, and organize data in ways that can dramatically change the way you interact with content. It can create forms, automate tasks and strategically distribute data, all on a secure cloud platform. Ultimately, DX was created to help you work smarter, and the revised 8.0 feature does more than that.

The new dynamic user interface is one of the most notable improvements to DX in version 8.0. “We are very happy with the new user interface; it was designed from the ground up to respond faster to better performance,” explains Darren Johnson, senior software scientist at DOMA. The program is now more intuitive and engaging thanks to a complete aesthetic redesign. With extensive new options, the new design is simplified and simplified easy to use In addition to the redesigned interface, DX has enhanced the DOMA experience with process connections, an integrated Outlook email plug-in, 508 compliance, and faster performance, making it more powerful than Never.

DOMA began selecting customers to migrate to the new interface in the fall of 2019, as well as hosting three DX user groups to optimize DX 8.0 before deployment. Existing customers were able to test software updates, provide feedback and ask questions accordingly.

The responses were overwhelmingly supportive, including constructive criticism that helped the development team identify and fix early bugs. These DX user group sessions are part of DOMA’s new customer interaction strategy. The goal for the future is to involve consumers in the development process, using their feedback to provide future updates and advice when upgrading to new versions.

DOMA DX 8.0 is now available to all customers after extensive testing. All current customers will focus on upgrading from DX 7.7 to DX 8.0 in the coming months. Details on what’s new in DOMA DX 8.0 are available at

About DOMA technologies

DOMA Technologies (DOMA) was founded in 2000 as a cloud-based document management company. DOMA now offers complete solutions using state-of-the-art tools to help companies collaborate on business data. DOMA uses hyper-automation technologies and custom techniques to collect and convert information. Data and document solutions combine traditional methods such as scanning with advanced cloud technology to extract, transform and visualize enclosed data in documents. These solutions, along with DOMA’s DX electronic content management software, are designed to help organizations on their journey to digital transformation.

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