Ex-Facebook employees’ startup logs in $17.5M from Index Ventures to add social collaboration to any app or product

Ex-Facebook Although many websites are designed to be attractive and informative, it can be a challenge for companies to increase wealth, most users do not apply for experienced users or volunteer elsewhere products. But after illness, the need for a dedicated unit can work together with an electronic device or a clear and complex product.

Starting in London to help tools and programs become more integrated, usable, and intimidating, Cord has raised $ 17.5 million – evidence of its vision to promote collaboration and collaboration. With the rise of remote employment.

Index Projects – which also support the large unicorn organization Figma and Notion – led the rotation. Other funders such as NFX and Stride participated, along with guardians Elad Gil, Jeff Morris Jr., Charlie Songhurst, Guy Podjarni, and Matt Robinson.

With the current financial circulation, the Cord team will take a big step in its vision to include all the tools and websites and include links to facilities to make it more efficient, focused. Also included in this content.

Helping apps to become social and collaborative

The Internet API – a single JavaScript chain – will open up a segment of businesses that want to integrate their plans and processes. By providing communication, presence, recording, interaction, and control to Slack, recording, listening, viewing, and video conferencing, Cord maintains the age of development companies while increasing the community side to help them have more great competition with their peers.

Multiplayer experience

“Many product websites will be experiencing multiplayer in the coming years,” said Nimrod Priell, CEO and co-founder of Cord. We’ve seen this happen: Figma has reached 4 million users in four years and Adobe, Invision, and Sketch are no longer at the forefront of developing programs – especially since ‘Collaboration’ is ‘Google Developer Documents’, and we encourage all products to make Google Docs their business. “

The wire was founded in 2020 by Priell, a former Ex-Facebook product manager, and Jackson Gabbard, a former Ex-Facebook engineer who developed some of Facebook’s most organized and organized segments. The tools are used by thousands of users. Another key to Cord’s success – and its customers and partners – is the so-called ‘growth team’: where users use teams from Black, Google, and Microsoft Groups to collaborate on a product or environment. These common tips attract more users to the product and increase safety and popularity among users of Cord integrated products.

Typeform partnership

To validate his answers, he first announced a partnership with Type, the first website, and search platform. Currently, 120,000 Form customers can benefit from the Cord-connected network as they build a form that no more than 50 million users fill out per month.

“Customers are asked to create forms, and Cord is the right partner to do so,” said Tyze Whorton, Group Product Manager at Type form. “We have the wires, our experience working together will surpass what we can build and better lead the market.”

Supports teams’ workflow

“The long-term growth in performance, integration, and deployment of software tools as a service means teams are wasting time switching between software design and integration, like Slack,” he said. Jan Hammer, Index Ventures Partner. “It allows users to stay with the system that properly supports their operations and enjoy the benefits of integration. We’re excited to put the phones in other programs available – not just with another solution customers “Finally, we believe SaaS tools will come out with a rope out of the box. “

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