Facebook Messenger on Android Getting Extra System Setting for Dark Mode

Facebook Messenger gets an additional dark mode setting in its Android app in the form of system mode. Dark mode has been available since 2019, but now has a feature to set dark mode based on your phone’s system settings. Previously, the app only had the option to enable or disable dark mode. Notably, the feature was already available in the iOS app. Recently, Facebook also introduced the Messenger app on the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets.

A Reddit user noticed the new Messenger Dark Mode settings that Facebook appears to be testing. The station was first identified by PhoneArena. According to the report, the new feature was detected in version 314. of the Facebook Messenger application. Gadgets 360 was unable to independently verify this functionality. As mentioned before, once the system setting is selected, the app will follow the dark mode settings you set for your device.

Facebook introduced Dark Mode features in its Messenger app in April 2019. In addition, Instagram also adopted Dark Mode in October 2019, WhatsApp adopted Dark Mode in March 2020, and Facebook adopted Dark Mode for the original app in November 2020.

Dark mode helps reduce the visual burden on users by switching from black text on a white background to white text on a black background. In addition, the dark mode can also help save battery life, as long as the device you are using has an OLED screen. OLED monitors do not use pixels when recreating the black color, which saves battery power.

In February of this year, Facebook launched the Messenger app for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets. Users can type messages in VR, send pre-written messages or use the voice to text function. Users can also create an Oculus Messenger party to play with their friends. However, Facebook said it will ensure that users’ existing privacy settings are not compromised if they choose to interact with the Messenger app.

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