Forsta Partners with Lumia to Deliver Powerfully, AI-Driven Analytics To CX, EX, and Market Research Professionals

Forsta, the company that leads News and Technology Research was launched earlier this year by merging Confirmit, Focus Vision, and Dapresy to announce its partnership with Lumia, an AI-led spy platform. The Lumia platform is integrated with Forsta’s world-class experience platform to provide advanced AI solutions to customers who need speed, technical knowledge, and provide valuable information.

Forest offers Customer Voice (VoC), User Voice (VoE), and search options, from pre-voting to data collection, to real-time data processing. Compared to any other device, respondents can access anywhere with computer training to know the types of questions and answer a solution, turn an online test that can be tested and categorized.

Forsta’s integration with Lumia represents a one-step process of applying AI to unstructured data and eliminating the need for color analysis. Both responses support more than 60 national languages.

“We are excited to work with the Forsta team. They share our love of design and help companies become true customers of their decisions, as well as focus on providing information. Information is easy to use and quick to use,” it said. Johanna Sinkkonen, CEO of Lumia. “Many Forest customers have benefited from Lumia AI-enabled technologies that help bring in new, functional information.

About Forsta

Forestry is a new frontier in Consumer and Market Technology. Founded in 2021 by a combination of business executives Confirm, Focus Vision, and Dapresy, our company operates the richest team in the world with a deep understanding of search and solutions, at CX, business information management, VoC (Customer Voice), VoE. (Voice). for Users) Qual, Quant, Data Visualization, and so on. Forsta has a wide range of market-leading tools, including earnings analysis and data reporting, as well as separate guidance from our expert data and information that empowers decision-makers to move business rewards based on deep customer insights. From the Nordics, Forsta means “to understand” Sweden. Visit for more information.

About Lumia

Lumia is a company that holds professional knowledge intending to empower all employees in all organizations to make the right decisions based on customers’ voices. It is easy to use the Lumia shopping cart to solve the problems faced by companies when dealing with thousands of customer responses. Available daily from different networks. Includes any unwanted information from search results to online comments and customer support discussions. What makes Lumia so special is its unique way of studying content and combining AI with human intelligence to get the perfect experience.

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