Go read this NYT depiction on a creepy new facial recognition database used by US police

Hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the United States have started using a new Clearview AI facial recognition system, according to a new study by the New York Times. The database consists of billions of images obtained from millions of websites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Venmo. According to The Times, Clearview AI’s work can “end privacy as we know it” and it is worth reading the entire article. The use of facial recognition systems by the police is already a major problem, but the scope of the Clearview AI database, not to mention the methods used to compile it, is of particular concern. The Clearview system is based on a database of more than three billion images taken from the Internet, a process that may have violated the websites’ terms of service. Officers can upload photos of anyone interested in their business, and the system provides corresponding images from the web, along with links to where the images are presented, such as social media profiles.

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