Google Chrome Soon to Get ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ for Secure Browsing

Google Chrome “HTTPS Only Mode” automatically switches to HTTPS on HTTP web pages.

Google Chrome will receive HTTPS mode soon. The new Chrome browser feature, once enabled, will automatically “upgrade” any HTTP website to the HTTPS protocol, if available. Chrome already uses HTTPS protocol by default if no protocol is specified. HTTPS mode is still being tested and should be released when Chrome 93 or Chrome 94 is released. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol and the addition of S symbolizes safe browsing.

According to a 9to5Google report, Google is currently testing the new “HTTPS mode” for its Chrome browser. The publication identified the code for “HTTPS mode” on the Chromium Gerrit website. Like most new Chrome features, Google hides it behind a Chrome banner: //settings/security. When this safe browsing mode arrives, with Chrome 93 or 94, it should be available in Chrome for the web, Android, and Chrome OS.

Once enabled, “HTTPS Mode” will only appear on Chrome’s security page. Users can find it in the Settings>Security>Advanced menu. It will appear as “Always use secure connections to enable secure browsing mode”. The setting would be disabled by default.

As mentioned, if a user decides to enable “HTTPS only mode”, Chrome will automatically “upgrade” websites from HTTP protocol to HTTPS protocol. Chrome uses the HTTPS protocol by default unless otherwise specified by the user. However, the new HTTPS-only mode is limited to links that a user can click while browsing or when manually accessing the HTTP protocol.

If a specific website doesn’t have an HTTPS version, in cases where the website is out of date or the mode is specifically disabled, Chrome will display an interstitial warning page before reverting to the HTTP version of the website.

It is believed that this setting only warns users that the website they want to visit is not available over the HTTPS protocol, so users will have to ignore it to access it. Also, any website that has already been skipped in HTTPS mode will be automatically saved by Chrome.

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