Google Tells EU Court Paying to Pre-Install Google Search on Phones Was Necessary to Pit Android against Apple

Google Search is trying to convince judges to dismiss a record EUR-4.3-billion (roughly Rs. 37,185 crores) EU antitrust fine.

Paying mobile developers to install Google Search on their devices was not only competitive but also required for Android to participate in Apple’s marketplace, Google Alphabet said on Wednesday to Europe’s second-largest court.

Google appealed to the Supreme Court on the third day of the week-long lawsuit – to persuade judges to change the record by 4.3 billion euros (about $ Set on Apple devices).

EU competitors claimed that two types of interviews were conducted by phone users, one paying only to put Google Search in front of their so-called sales tax (RSA) devices because of these closures.

Not so and the reward is to authorize mobile phone users who are already making money through other applications, giving Android a chance, Google lawyer Asikis Komninos told the court.

“Google needs to offer a tax deduction. There is an incentive to encourage them to open up and use the Android platform. At the same time RSA has also helped them reduce prices and successfully compete with Apple,” he said.

“And it’s clear that Google has revived the start-up opportunity, the first that allowed it to be funded with US free (operating system), free software, and so on.”

And again, only RSAs represent 5 percent of the market, Komninos said.

Commission spokesman Nicholas Khan denied the request.

“What worries them is that competitors are gaining momentum,” he said of Google’s performance “RDA key”.

Elections may come in the New Year. The case is T-604/18 Google v European Commission.

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