How to watch the SpaceX launch of 60 Starlink satellites

SpaceX will launch a Starlink rocket that will transport dozens of ISPs via satellite via Falcon 9, and you can watch it live. After a week of extreme weather in the recovery area, the company was initially on track for a Monday morning launch. But strong winds from the higher level delayed the increase. The launch is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29 at 6:06 AM Pacific Time. The launch was originally scheduled for Monday, January 20, but has been postponed several times. We’ll include a player above to watch the launch live on Wednesday. The Starlink rocket is supported by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and will carry 60 Starlink satellites. The Falcon 9 rocket (known as B1051.3) used for this mission also took off in front of the John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the SpaceX West Coast launch pad. This Falcon 9 was previously a wireless Dragon capsule for the crew.

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