Hyperspec AI launches software platform for autonomous driving development

Hyperspec AI launches software platform for autonomous driving development

Hyperspec AI, an artificial intelligence startup, has released a new tool for developers working on autonomous and ADAS (AV) compliant vehicles. The company has developed a unified platform called RoadMentor that allows users to create, train and deploy machine learning (ML) models for real-time mapping. Hyperspec integrates the map into the ML training cycle so that real-time map models can be developed, giving ADAS-compliant and autonomous vehicles the ability to act outside the HD map geofence. This expands waterways from less than 5% today to more than 95%, for each vehicle, so that autonomous systems can learn from the ubiquitous exposure.

Today, the machine learning development process is fragmented, without an integrated process for data collection, data management, model training, verification and validation, deployment, and fleet learning. Each step is a new transfer of data, leading to inefficiency and a lack of real visibility. RoadMentor enables the industry to scale through deep learning, consolidating the ring training process into an optimized infrastructure designed specifically for autonomous driving.

Autonomous driving data has largely been relegated to the domains of highways and arterials. The release of RoadMentor increases test coverage from less than 5% to more than 95% on all roads, allowing you to build the library of extreme cases along the long tail of scenarios. Now the ADAS features and the use and coverage of autonomous driving can be further developed, allowing to reach levels 3, 4, and 5 of autonomy.

“We’re very excited about the progress we’ve made over the last few months,” says Puttagunta, “at the moment it’s about collecting useful test miles and collecting good data to improve the system to do we think a lot and a lot.”

RoadMentor is offered as a freemium SaaS product, allowing users to process a certain amount of data for free. We encourage developers to apply for exclusive beta access to RoadMentor through our developer program, limited spots are available. Attendees at the International Auto Show Technology Days can learn first-hand how RoadMentor improves the release cadence of autonomous driving technology development.

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