Instagram Trying Story Stickers by Sharable Links

Link sharing was previously restricted to Instagram users with verified accounts or more than 10,000 followers.

Instagram is testing a new way to share links in stories through stickers. While users with verified accounts or 10,000+ followers can already share links with a swipe up, Instagram is testing a new shareable link sticker that is available to a wider audience. The social media platform also said that sharing links on stickers works better than removing them, given the way users navigate the platform. There is no information on when Instagram will be released to all its users.

Instagram’s head of product Vishal Shah told The Verge: “It’s mostly about how people can use links.” They will be aware of the types of links people post and, at the same time, misinformation and spam. Shah also said stickers are the ultimate goal of Instagram, whether it’s for everyone or people who already have the privilege to share links.

However, Shah also said link sharing features are limited to Instagram Stories and may not reach posts in the feed or elsewhere in the app.

Having links on the stickers also allows users to comment on an Instagram story, which was not possible with the up gesture. It is currently testing the feature with a small audience that may have earned a decent following, but that’s not enough to get the theft.

Referring to the tests, Shah said it “brings links to the same kind of general system, which makes a lot of sense even from a simple systems perspective.” Because it’s just a small test at the moment, it can make people surf the web more often.

Instagram recently tested mixing suggested posts with regular posts from accounts that users follow. The social media app is also testing the ability to allow users to select specific topics and add them to the suggested posts list. Alternatively, Instagram can also allow users to hide suggested posts from their feed for up to 30 days.

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