Lithuania impulses people to dispose of Chinese phones

Consumers should throw away Chinese phones and not buy new ones, the Lithuanian Ministry of Security said.

In a statement from the National Security Agency, 5G cell phones from Chinese manufacturers were tested.

The Xiaomi phone says it has viewing features, but the Huawei model has some great features.

Huawei has announced that it will not import any user data and Xiaomi will not present its index.

“Our advice is not to buy Chinese phones and get rid of everyone who has already bought them,” Defense Minister Margiris Abukevicius said.


The logo of the Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G apparently contains images that accept and interpret terms such as “Free Tibet”, “Stay Independent Taiwan” or “Democratic Journey”.

This explains more than 46 keywords that can be shared using Xiaomi’s mobile operating system, including an unusual web browser.

In Europe, work has been suspended in these cases, but according to the report it could be postponed at any time.

“Xiaomi devices cannot talk to users and go out,” said a spokesman for the infotech. Networking or use of other technical applications. “

The company is fully GDPR compliant, he said.

The study also found that the Xiaomi device sent a mobile phone for use in Singapore.

“This is not only important for Lithuania, but also for all countries that use Xiaomi devices,” said the agency.

The smartphone maker has a popular and affordable design and saw sales increase 64% year over year in the second quarter.

Huawei P40

The report also points to the lack of Puawei’s P40 5G cable, which puts people at risk for cyber fraud.

“Huawei’s official store, AppGallery, has redirected users to a third-party database where some applications are considered malicious or infected with antivirus programs,” the ministry said in a statement. Lithuania and its cybersecurity. Ministry of Defense. This is the State Security Service report.

A Huawei spokesman told the infotech that it has complied with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates and that protecting the internet and confidential communications is essential.

“With the exception of Huawei devices, no data is processed,” he said.

“AppGalog did not collect and process the information necessary to enable its customers to access, install and configure third-party subscriptions as it does in other app stores.”

However, the security module from Huawei ensures that the user only receives such “secure applications”.

The team also reviewed a 5G version of OnePlus, but nothing was released.

The statement comes at a time when tensions between Lithuania and China are mounting.

Last month, China asked Lithuania to remove its ambassador in Beijing and promised to remove its ambassador in Vilnius.

The dispute began when Taiwan announced that it would appoint its representative to Lithuania as its ambassador to Taiwan.

Other Taiwanese groups in Europe and the United States will not refer to the country’s capital, Taipei, as the actual island, which China calls a province.

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