London-based climate data startup Sust Global raises £2.3M funding

London-based and San Francisco, Sust Global is a meteorological facility that transforms complex weather science into reliable weather data. In the current development, the startup took $ 3.2 million (about $ 2.3 million) of seed money.

Growth plans ahead

The planting cycle was led by Hambro Perks with investment in Vala Capital, Powerhouse Ventures, Thirdstream Partners, and angels of investment from British and American financial companies.

Sust London Global will use this money to promote its many innovative and innovative businesses and to grow its products in new markets such as stores and banks.

Josh Gilbert, CEO of Sust Global, says, In an environment with a lot of climate information, our first approach to climate risk information and a different understanding. As mentioned by our client, information about the effects of the weather is usually not available. We are pleased to combine these investments to further our goal of providing quality assurance to businesses and finance.

Gopal Erinjippurath, CTO & Sust Global Head of Marketing, said, “We see a huge potential and unpredictable demand for data for new types of climate change.

Geospatial-first approach

Founded by Josh Gilbert, Sust Global uses a ‘geospatial-first’ approach to detect the most expensive data available. Using state-of-the-art technology to change weather, satellites, and map data, the company has built a single store for climate risk and damage. Consumers, including global data centers, investors, and companies, can access information about product analytics.

It builds a geospatial structure to solve the problems of today’s climate. The company has developed the capability of the product to provide high-level weather data close to global asset data.

The Sust Global model is an improvement in combining a large number of geospatial data. Their products include historical and real-time data from satellite and ground-based machines, as well as weather forecasts The world is looking ahead, using clear data and in-depth study methods.

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