London-based electric truck pioneer Tevva secures £4.2M funding for long-range production

Electric Pioneer truck driver Tevva said he received $ 4.2 billion from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Center (APC), for a total of $ 5.7 million.

The London-based company is investing in the development of the next-generation Tevva, an emissions-free long-haul truck (total weight 7.5 to 19 tonnes).

Tevva Chief Engineer Ken Scott said, “We are humbled and proud to receive this support to advance Tevva’s global technological development in the electric car market. We develop profitable programs. A new approach for our companies. These funds will help us do that shortly. “

7.5-tonne electric truck

Last month, a UK company unveiled a new truck, the Tevva, the UK’s first mass-produced 7.5-tonne car.

It offers 250 km of all-electric range or even five hundred miles on the REX extension section, which has been enriched with hydrogen fuel cells.

Advancing SANGREAL Project

The grant will again be used to set up the SANGREAL project, a £ 12.2million partnership between Tevva and Advanced Electric Machines (AEM).

SANGREAL organizes and maintains valuable R&D events in the UK increasing prices and environmental benefits for industry and the public interest and the public.

The project will design and develop a new electric powertrain with an intelligent driver – advanced controls and advanced telematics designed to facilitate the use of the H2 fuel cell line.

 Jon Beasley, director of business development and software at Advanced Power Center, said: “The corporate car is tough.

“Human and material development is a matter of nature and greenery. Some progress has been made in-car advertising in line with the UK government’s goal of eliminating sales of new gasoline and diesel cars by 2030. However, it is difficult for heavy workloads and long distances are. “

“We also need a few advanced upgrades and upgrades to upgrade our buses, heavy-duty vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles, so we will be happy to help Tevva and advanced electric machines to approve. the emergency plan. Starting with SANGREAL. “

James Widmer, CEO of Advanced Electrical Machinery, said: “This new technology, when used, is intended as a marketing guide. We are surprised by the progress of Tevva and see its potential. Real business

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