London-based ethical data pioneer CitizenMe raises £1.5M to grow globally

London-based CitizenMe, which provides an example of using social media forums such as Facebook and Google, has four.

Global expansion plans

The investment cycle was led by the North East Venture Fund (NEVF) funded by the European Development Fund and led by Mercia, with funding from 1818 Capital and private organizations.

Currently, the company employs 10 employees at its London headquarters with its newly opened office in Newcastle and plans to create another 20 jobs next year. On top of that, the funding will increase its AI capabilities, and increase its presence in the U.S. market.

As part of the appointment of Paul Zanker, one of the most experienced banks, CEO of Transformation and Macquarie Bank, has been appointed Chairman.

StJohn Deakins, the founder of CitizenMe, said: “CitizenMe enables people and devices to create digital products and services. We are pleased that Mercia and 1818 share our faith in the sustainable future and technology. Our leader in this new Zero Data section.

Thea Tebble of Mercia said: “Increasingly concerned about the use of personal information provides the need for a new kind of consumer information technology. London-based Citizen provides feedback, which allows consumers to stop accessing personal information. They and companies care.

Marc Cohen, Partner of the 1818 Venture Capital, adds: “Digital video grows value for consumers and executives. Companies are looking for and need skills to become experts while respecting those requirements. CitizenMe’s Zero Party Data solution makes it happen. Meet everyone’s needs.” – Marc Cohen, Paaga, 1818 Venture Capital.

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Customer data platform

Founded in 2018 by StJohn Deakins, CitizenMe’s platform is designed to respond to concerns about existing systems, which collects customer information through software or cookies on the website and six used by many companies to sell.

Using CitizenMe technology, customers agree to share their experience in exchange for payment or other incentives. Thus, data is protected through mobile phones and companies are unable to access their information directly. At present, it is estimated to be the only complete organization of its kind and has completed more than 7.5 million records.

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